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IPVanish team is justly ranked one of the most experienced teams among VPN providers – a market that is hardly over a decade old. With offices over Europe and North America, IPVanish has over 15 years of experience on this market, being one of the VPN pioneers. IPVanish experience in content delivery and IP services is exceptional, completely separating IPVanish from the competition. You can see the results for yourself – IPVanish is a top VPN provider, guaranteeing security, speed and excellent support.

Available Protocols

IPVanish VPN servers support OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP connectivity. The servers are subdivided into ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ classes, where ‘A’ class allows the best speed based on the user’s actual location. The thing that differentiates IPVanish from other providers is an ability to use 2 simultaneous connections – an OpenVPN for your desktop or laptop computer, and L2PT/PPTP for your smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Unlike other providers, IPVanish does not force you to buy a second connector for your mobile device!
IPVanish offers you full functionality on the following systems and devices:

Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP
DD-WRT Compatible Routers

With IPVanish you are entitled to unlimited bandwidth and maximum speed possible no matter which device you are using! IPVanish users can always rely on the nearest server, since the site has over 50 servers in 20 different countries with a total of 2,500 IP addresses over the world! And the number is constantly growing…

Network Description

With over than 10 years of experience in the VPN service providing, a team of 100 professional employees, software developers and responsible support team, IPVanish has achieved the fastest and the most reliable Tier-1 backbone in North America and Europe. Apart from providing the fastest VPN services, IPVanish also allows you 2 simultaneous connections at a fair price – a price that is even lower than mid and low-tier VPN services.

Available Plan

IPvanish offers you 3 available purchase plans with unlimited data

$10 per month
$26.99 for 3 month
$77.99 for 1 year or $6.49 per month (best offer ever available)


The distinguishing feature of IPVanish software is its flexibility. You can install IPVanish on an unlimited number of devices, which means that you can easily switch your VPN connection from a desktop computer to a smartphone (via L2TP or PPTP protocol) any time you feel like leaving home. filehippo ultrasurf In addition, IPVanish offers you only dynamic IP addresses. Unlike static ones, that always remain the same, with IPVanish your electronic signature will never be the same. Since you will have new IP address any time you log onto one of the IPVanish servers, you can stay confident about the complete anonymity of your browsing. Indeed, IPVanish offers its users an inimitable combination of high-end quality, confidentiality, uncensored web browsing and user-friendliness.
You will no longer have to worry about bandwidth or hidden charges while downloading, uploading or browsing. The set up is a nice and quick experience – a couple of clicks and you are absolutely ready to surf the web freely and anonymously. IPVanish website provides user with a simple set of easy-to-follow instructions, totally different from excruciatingly confusing menus and endless settings that plague users on the majority of other websites. You can install and start using IPVanish without changing your ISP, applications or browser.
Yet another great feature IPVanish provides is a possibility of two simultaneous connections – so you can connect at the same time from your desktop and a mobile device – a service that is not covered by the majority of VPN providers.

Peer to Peer and Log Policy

There are absolutely no restrictions to P2P usage.
According to IPVanish privacy policy, there is no way of tracking any user’s activity. No matter what you do, or where you go while connected to the VPN, no records are being kept. The only things IPVanish tracks are the time and length of Internet connection, your IP address and transferred bytes. Even this is done merely in order to decrease any connectivity problems a user may experience.
In addition, IPVanish users are provided with dynamic IP addresses from a shared pool, which means that users’ traffics are constantly intermixed. In other words, there is no possible way of tracking your Internet activity or separating it from the other users.

Speed Test


IPVanish Speed – Not Connected


IPVanish Speed – Connected to Ashburn


IPVanish Speed – Connected to Amsterdam


IPVanish email support is available 24/7
IPVanish live chat support is available during office hours of regular business days (US ET)


VPN providers are definitely a part of service industry, which is why their customer policy is of primary importance. With a professional support, available 24/7 365 days a year, IPVanish will never disappoint you. You can always make use of their live chat during standard office hours, Monday to Friday (US Eastern Time). Offering high-end security to its users, IPVnaish is one of the most reliable VPN providers, never tracking users’ internet activities or locations. IPVanish offers you a step towards true Internet freedom!